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The travel junkie

Ever since I joined Kensington escorts of, I have become a bit of travel junkie. Many of the gents that I met at the agency treat me really nicely and I even end up traveling with them abroad. I have to admit that I did not do a lot of traveling before I joined the escort service and I have had a rather exciting life since I joined. All of this has turned me into a travel junkie and I now I would like to travel even more. It is strange but I never thought that I would get that addicted to traveling as I have.


Most of the money that I earn at Kensington escorts go towards traveling. Okay, I have to pay for the rent on the apartment that I share with the other girls but that is not such a big deal. The rest of the money I save towards my annual holiday and a couple of small trips in between. Not all of the money gets spent straight away. When I finally leave the escorts services, I plan to have a really long holiday. Where I am going to go I have not decided yet, but I fancy going somewhere like India.


Where am I going to settle down? Having caught the travel bug, I am not so sure where I am going to settle down. In many ways I think it would be nice to settle down abroad somewhere after I have finished my tour of Kensington escorts as I like to call it. The only thing that it would mean leaving my mom and dad behind. I don’t really want to do that but I know that we all have to move on. I have really gotten the taste for Australia and I must admit that I really like it in Australia. It is on the other side of the world, but I love the place.


A few of the girls at Kensington escorts have been offered jobs in other parts of the world as well. Most of them have taken them, and one of my girlfriends now works in Dubai. She is having a really great time and she likes Dubai. According to her, you get really well looked after and she has her own apartment where she dates very discreetly. It sounds like my sort of thing and I am actually fortunate enough to have a couple of gents from Dubai in my dating diary. Another girls has left to work in Abu Dubai and she enjoys that as well. I never thought about working abroad before I joined the agency.


To be honest, I am not so sure what the future has in store for me. However, I do know that I enjoy my lifestyle. I am lucky enough to date a couple of really special gents here at Kensington escorts. It is obvious that they enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. One of them is an American guy and he keeps hinting that he wants me to come back to the US with him to be his long term side kick as he calls it. I don’t know about that as my life may become restrictive. I think that I would be better off traveling on my own and perhaps getting a job. After all, I am a qualified beautician and masseuse,  I am sure that somebody out there would appreciate my services.

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